The Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is without a doubt one of the most revolutionary technologies that I've ever come across. 

To dismiss Bitcoin, may put you in the same boat as those who dismissed the internet in the 1990s. 

People continue to write off Bitcoin as 'tulips' or a 'bubble', but Bitcoin continues to be adopted by millions around the world, including major hedge funds, insurance companies, and notable investors.

Bitcoin is a subject that the majority of people don't understand. Many will read a few mainstream articles and come to their own conclusion - this is the wrong approach to understanding Bitcoin. 

Taking what I've learned from the brightest minds in the Bitcoin space, I created The Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin. 

Just a few months after its release, this course has 40+ reviews, all perfect five-stars (except one recent four-star review). 

This guide was specifically designed to take you from knowing nothing about Bitcoin to:

  • Understanding what Bitcoin is
  • Knowing Bitcoin's many use cases
  • And grasping why investors are so interested in this emerging asset

What's included:

  • A beginner friendly explanation of what Bitcoin is
  • The investment case for Bitcoin
  • How to buy Bitcoin
  • How to store Bitcoin
  • The properties of sound money
  • The macroeconomy and how it relates to Bitcoin
  • Potential risks investing in Bitcoin
  • Common criticisms
  • Tax implications
  • How to earn Interest on your Bitcoin
  • Top books
  • The best resources to learn more

Bonus - This guide also includes an excel template you can use to track your Bitcoin purchases one by one.

If you've been sitting on the sidelines on Bitcoin and you've been wanting to get skin in the game, now is your time. 

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(57 ratings)
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The Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin

57 ratings
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